Teufels-Reiniger® easily removes grease, waste oil, soot, nicotine stains, old protective layers, creosote (rot-proof dirt), wax, silicone and silicone compounds, and encrusted grime made up of a variety of dirt. Thoroughly clean lorry tarpaulins, PVC flooring, diesel and petrol exhaust fume dirt, car and lorry exteriors, lorry chassis and vehicle frames, heating oil, diesel and heavy oil tanks, truck-mounted cranes, skip and container vehicles, tank covers, camping tents, caravans, tiles, cement and screed floors, bricks, machine parts and much more.
1 L Kanister - 5 Liter

Available container sizes

1 L / 5 KG / 30 KG / 60 KG / 200 L / 1000 L

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