• ALU-TEUFEL Spezial®

    ALU-TEUFEL Spezial®

    Alu-Teufel Spezial® is a pH-neutral, modern high-performance wheel cleaner with gel consistency. Suitable for ALL wheels and hubcaps. Self-acting cleaning with short application time. Perfect for regular cleaning.
  • BIKER´S Super-Teufel®

    BIKER´S Super-Teufel®

    Biker´s Super-Teufel® is a highly effective, acid and phosphate-free cleaning gel with a pleasant fresh scent. Extreme soiling, such as chain oil, encrusted oil, insect remains and road grime is removed effortlessly. Biker´s Super-Teufel® also form


    Plastics prefer clean.
    Kunststoff-Teufel® is a silicone-free, highly active cleaning product. Effortlessly removes even the most stubborn grease and oil dirt, nicotine stains, soot, burnt-on dirt, old protective layers, insect remains, wax and silicone compounds and much more. Kunststoff-Teufel® covers plastic furniture, kitchen cupboards, extractor hoods, glass ceramic hobs, blinds, awnings, PVC flooring, PVC window frames, tarpaulin, and caravan, car and lorry interiors and other plastics with an anti-static, dirt-repelling layer.


    Teufels-Reiniger® easily removes grease, waste oil, soot, nicotine stains, old protective layers, creosote (rot-proof dirt), wax, silicone and silicone compounds, and encrusted grime made up of a variety of dirt. Thoroughly clean lorry tarpaulins, PVC flooring, diesel and petrol exhaust fume dirt, car and lorry exteriors, lorry chassis and vehicle frames, heating oil, diesel and heavy oil tanks, truck-mounted cranes, skip and container vehicles, tank covers, camping tents, caravans, tiles, cement and screed floors, bricks, machine parts and much more.


    Das neue Tugalan® ist ein hochkonzentrierter und hochwirksamer Universalreiniger. Dieser Reiniger lässt sich bei Bedarf bis zu 1:100verdünnen. Die schnellnetzende Rezeptur besitzt enorme Kriecheigenschaften und unterwandert den Schmutz problemlos. Tugalan®  kann als Zusatz in Hochdruckreinigern oder als Shampoo eingesetzt werden. Tugalan® hinterlässt nach der Reinigung strahlenden Glanz und greift bei sachgemäßer Anwendung Farben, Lacke, Kunststoffe, Metalle, Gummi, Glas und Leichtmetalloberflächen nicht an.




    Tugalin helps you see clearly.
    Tugalin® is a high-performance, long-lasting glass cleaner for indoors and out. Effortlessly removes grease, nicotine stains, dust, finger prints, insect dirt and much more from glass and mirrored surfaces, taps, tiles and other smooth surfaces leaving a streak-free shine. Tugalin leaves an invisible protective layer on cleaned surfaces (lotus effect), which makes it more difficult for new dirt to form, making the next clean easier.


TUGA CHEMIE develops premium cleaning and care products. For more than forty years, we have been producing highly effective specialised cleaning products designed to meet the highest standards. Our products effortlessly lift even the most stubborn dirt. Clean cars, motorbikes, camping equipment, homes or outdoor furniture rapidly and thoroughly with products from our range.
Biodegradable. Long lasting.

That’s premium quality. Made in Germany.