Plastics prefer clean.
Kunststoff-Teufel® is a silicone-free, highly active cleaning product. Effortlessly removes even the most stubborn grease and oil dirt, nicotine stains, soot, burnt-on dirt, old protective layers, insect remains, wax and silicone compounds and much more. Kunststoff-Teufel® covers plastic furniture, kitchen cupboards, extractor hoods, glass ceramic hobs, blinds, awnings, PVC flooring, PVC window frames, tarpaulin, and caravan, car and lorry interiors and other plastics with an anti-static, dirt-repelling layer.
1 L Kanister - 5 Liter

Available container sizes

1 L / 5 KG / 30 KG / 60 KG / 200 L / 1000 L

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